Like you, we miss all of our gyms. But ahead of any possible gyms reopening, we’ve taken time to craft a new process- ensuring that when we do reopen a gym, it’s not only safe to do so, but continues to be a safe place for our members and team. 


Most importantly; As confident and proud as we are of this process, this is just a start. As we listen and learn, we’ll be fine-tuning and updating-to uphold the standard of what a sanctuary should be. 


We’ve always been dedicated to the cleanliness of our gyms and the health and safety of our community. Now we’re taking it to an even higher level. See the new process below. 

Our Heightened Deep-Cleaning Process

Hospital grade disinfectant & more frequent cleaning. Team members will use a disinfectant proven to kill viruses like COVID-19 in all common areas throughout the day on all high touch areas including equipment.  The floating floor will be sprayed with a disinfectant 4 times per day. We use EPA registered products throughout the gym.  


Antimicrobial disinfectant will be completed quarterly for Eau Claire, La Crosse, Holmen, Wausau WI and Rochester and Eden Prairie MN (all Burn Boot Camps owned by the Pennels). Antimicrobial is a disinfectant and one more layer of protection to keep our members and team members safe. 


All high-touch surfaces disinfected after every camp, from the handle on the front door to the equipment on the racks. 


All weights disinfected after every camp. Masks and gloves will be worn by our team members when handling weights, and each piece of equipment will be disinfected prior to it being re-racked and made available for the next camp. 


Face masks are required of all team members, with the exception of trainers. Masks are encouraged for members as they enter and exit their workout space, however due to the high intensity nature of our workouts we will not require masks of anyone during a working out. 


To allow as many members as possible to get a workout in, we’re requiring members to pre-register for camp.  Two days prior, camp registration will open (not 48 hours). For example Monday you can book for a Wednesday camp or anytime on Saturday you can book for Monday. Your location may have a per week allowance of “in gym” workouts based on your state’s occupancy limitations, and this may change from time to time. Any open spots the day prior to the workout are available for any member to register for, even if they’ve utilized the gym earlier in the week. At this time we are choosing not to limit the number of camps per week in the app, but rather allow members to use their best judgement and only sign up for 1 and wait until the day prior to see if there are spots open for the next day to allow other members the opportunity to sign up. Please respect your Burn Sisters and cancel your registration through the app should you be unable to attend, you may cancel up to one hour prior to camp starting from the app.  We are anticipating to open with 18 members per camp in MN, and 9 members per camp in WI however that is subject to change. 



We’re removing high-touch amenities such as the water refill station, hair ties, tampons, q-tips and showers, cubbies, check in iPad & sweat towels.  Hair ties and tampons will be available at the front desk upon request. 


App Graphic.png

Before You Workout

Our Burn team members will get temperature checked before each shift. If necessary, we will follow our elevated temperature protocol and send team members home. Due to the small nature of our gym, we may need to cancel camps last minute should we have a trainer with an elevated temperature. We will notify members through the private Facebook page should this happen. 


The Burn team is here to help, from a safe distance. We’re restricting trainers from leaving the rubber floor, aside from gym cleaning or emergency member assistance. 



Camp Experience

Check-in is now hands-free. Sign up on the app or online and no further sign in is required. The doors will open 5 minutes before camp starts, please do not enter earlier than 5 minutes before camp. Upon entry your temperature will be taken, you will be permitted into camp with a reading of  100.4 or <.  At that time you will be assigned a “house” number.  This is your designated space on the floating floor.  Before heading to get equipment, please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. Then grab one pair of dumbbells from the rack and follow the lines directly to your “house” where you will place all of your belongings including keys, phones, and water bottles. You will workout in your “house” for that entire camp as we will “Train in Place”.  “Houses” will not be used if they were used at a previous camp, and will be opened back up for use once that shifts cleaning takes place.


Late entry will not be permitted once the gym door closes and camp starts. 


Cubbies will be off limits. Anything that you bring into the gym will need to fit in your “house”. We encourage just a sweat towel and water bottle so that you are not tripping on your items in your “house”. 


Sweat towels will not be provided. You are encouraged to bring your own towel. 


Water is the only permissible beverage on the floating floor. 


Emergency water fountain use only. We urge you to bring your own water or purchase water in the gym (if available). 


Childwatch will be closed until further notice. 


In and Out doors.  The doors will be clearly marked with “Entrance” or “Exit”. To keep team members and members safe please only use the doors as marked. The doors will be propped open at specific time periods correlating to 5 minutes before camp, and immediately after camp.  You must exit the gym within 5 minutes of camp ending. It’s uncomfortable for us to ask you to leave, so please help us stay the course so others may also enjoy camp on time. 

X’s during entry . . .You may see taped “X’s” on the floor as you approach the gym indicating 6’ spacing.  Please be aware of social distancing as you approach the gym. 


Hand sanitizers will be available at the entrance door and the exit door. 


After camp, carry your dumbbells to the rubber floor and gently place in a spot specified by your trainer. All equipment will be disinfected prior to going back on the rack. This may place us short at some camps for your favorite weight. We will be disinfecting as quickly as we can and re-racking the equipment. Some equipment like bosu balls, terracores, sliders, mini bands, jump ropes and battle ropes will not be used in camp. You may bring your own equipment to camp. 


Use of bathrooms will be limited to the toilets and sinks. Please wear your workout clothes to the gym, we cannot allow changing in the gym at this time. Showers will be unavailable until further notice. 


Retail items must be purchased online, there will be no cash or credit card transactions in the gym. They can be picked up daily during business hours. 


If a member returns a retail item, we won’t put it back on the shelf to be sold until deemed safe. 

Sanitizer copy.png

Enjoy “Zooming”? Zoom workouts will continue for the foreseeable future. Gyms will keep their Zoom setup intact, and will train both members on the floor and our virtual Zoomers at the same time. Please allow our trainers some grace as this may be challenging to get used to. We are committed to ensuring ALL of our members, in and out of the gym, are acknowledged and trained Burn style while understanding this is not ideal for anyone. 


Focus meetings will still happen, but not in the gym just yet.  Please continue to book your virtual focus meeting on the app, they now are available for booking 30 days in advance.  The InBody will remain unavailable. 


Attend camp only at your home gym. There will be no gym hopping or “universal” use of the membership until we are considered “wide open” by our governments. 


Camp times will adjust temporarily, see the app for updated camp times once we re-open. Our hope is that once we are back to “wide open” that we will be able to go back to the regular camp schedule. 


Co-ed camp times will remain the same. If you are having a hard time getting into a desired camp please contact the gym directly by Facebook messaging the location Facebook page.


Until we are “wide open” we are not signing new memberships from new members or cancelled members wishing to return. Our spots will only be reserved for those members who continued their membership or had an approved suspension with us during this time. We will let you know when we re-open the gym for new members. 


What about my rate? Your rate is secure and will remain secure as long as you are in a contract with us. Members without a contract may be subject to an increased rate. This is not something we want to do, but the labor and product costs may dictate otherwise. No decision has been made here but we always want to remain as transparent as possible.  


All renewal and waiver paperwork must be completed online, we will no longer use paper copies and will be completely digital.  


Returning equipment will be happening shortly. Please watch the private Facebook page for details. 


Are you currently suspended? We will be reaching out to you in the coming days and weeks to help you understand your options. If you are ready to turn your membership back on you may email memberships@burnbootcamp.comPlease include your location name. 


Member Responsibility

Keeping each other safe. 


Aside from respecting the safety guidelines put in place by our governments and in our gyms, we ask that our members walk in with the approach our Burn Family takes for most things: Go above and beyond for each other. 


Please make sure to practice social distancing when in close, shared spaces like the bathrooms. 


Limit person-to-person contact, including hugs and high fives. 


If you have a cough, fever, or symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to the gym until you’re symptom-and fever-free for three days. 


If you have tested positive for COVID-19, or have knowingly come into contact with someone who has, we ask that you do not come to the gym for 14 days or until you test negative for COVID-19. 


If you feel unwell or have any concerns about coming in to camp, please stay home and stay safe. 

Our Plan Moving Forward

Reopening our gyms. 

As we get green-lights from state and local government officials, we’ll evaluate if we feel comfortable safely reopening gyms in each market. As we do, we’ll notify members with more information. 


Monitoring the situation. 

While we’re taking every precaution to keep our community safe (and encourage you to do the same), we’re acutely aware and highly prepared for the possibility of a second wave. We have a protocol should there be a reported case of COVID19 in any of our gyms.

Supporting our members. 

With no way to predict what will happen, the best way we can prepare is to respond and evolve as the situation develops-with nothing but safety in mind. 


Whether you plan to join us in the gym, or you feel more comfortable “zooming” it a bit longer, we’re here for you.  If you have questions or concerns, let’s talk it out at membersmatter@midwest.fitness