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Meet Our Team

"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people." – Steve Jobs

Drew - Visionary / CEO 

I started EPYK Media back in 2012 as a small vinyl company lettering work vehicles and race cars. I have a Marketing degree from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and always knew I wanted to be in business. When the opportunity presented itself in 2018 to dive into business ownership full time I took it. Sonya Pennel became my first client, after working for her full time for the previous 7 years, and my relationship with Burn Boot Camp took off. 

We have worked with Burn Boot Camp Franchise Partners from all over the country. What I love about Burn is the dedication and focus on global health transformation by empowering women, men, and families. Our goal at EPYK Media is to help facilitate a culture inside your location that allows you to watch your members crush goals and do things they have never done before. 

What do I do outside of work? Typically during the summers you will find me at a stock car race track our outdoors enjoying nature. Winter time? I often wonder why I live where it hurts to walk outside at any point. 

Beth - Director of Organization

I came to EPYK through an online dating app where I met Drew, my now husband. During the time when we met, I had just left a successful consulting career in Change/Project/Leadership Management and have since launched a few businesses of my own. First was a consulting company to help small businesses with organizational and process efficiencies. Second was my health and wellness company that has now grown into Be Still Yoga Studio located in Bangor, WI and an Arbonne Consultant and Coach.

Naturally, health and wellness have always been my passion as I’ve experienced my own journey since I was a young college student dealing with injuries which involved multiple surgeries and more recently healthy gut microbiome issues. Although my other interest is where I spent my business career which is managing and leading individuals and organizations. From leading small teams to larger projects, to working with executives on million-dollar technology projects or working to understand a way to work smarter not harder, I provide a leadership style that will be relatable to you and your teams, will hold you all accountable, and be empathetic and real to teams.  

What I love about working with Burn Boot Camp is I can use all these experiences to support our partners. I understand the struggles of members as I am one and I see it in my yoga students. I can also relate to the stresses of owning a business as well as leading teams and creating structure and process from the ground up. The fire and passion that Burn FPs has is contagious and when we can use that energy to empower others around it, we will be unstoppable! 

Outside of working or teaching, I LOVE to travel and explore outdoors, visit with my family including many nieces and nephews, try to keep my house plants alive, and experiment in the kitchen!  

2021072709591955--1682013603651978544-DSC08536 (1).jpg
Miranda - Brand Strategist Manager

Miranda started her Burn journey back in 2018 as a member, she then joined the Burn Boot Camp La Crosse team as a Key Burn Ambassador in 2018 where she was quickly promoted to location Operation Manager. There she learned the ins and outs of Burn Boot Camp daily operations. In 2021 Miranda left the location and began working with EPYK bringing the knowledge of the location level to our company. Today she works with locations and implements our holistic marketing approach with everyone she works with. 


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