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The EPYK Way

Turning dreams into realities through marketing, branding, and connection. 

Our Burn Journey

We started this journey back in 2016 when Sonya Pennel brought Burn Boot Camp to the Midwest. I remember being at the very first soft opening camp and felt like superman, until I realized there were four more rounds to go with the workout. Since then, we have partnered with some of Burn Boot Camp’s top Franchise Partners and have seen the evolution of this brand. We can’t wait to join you on your own journey igniting a global health transformation through empowering women, men, and their families.

At EPYK Media we believe in a holistic approach that looks at your entire business. The marketing needs to match your brand inside the gym. The culture inside your four walls is the most important aspect to your overall success. We handle your paid marketing efforts, dive into your KPIs, events, culture, and goals, and provide coaching for you and your team. 

We have worked with locations that are in the opening phase, locations that have been established for awhile, Franchise Owner sales transitions, and everything in between. We are like you, a small business, so we understand day to day things that come up. Our entire team works out at Burn Boot Camp so we are also members. 

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